Size guide

You don`t know your ring size?

This size guide will help you to determine you individual size:


Ringsize 49 = ∅ 15,6 mm (Inner diameter)

Ringsize 50 = ∅ 15,9 mm

Ringsize 51 = ∅ 16,2 mm

Ringsize 52 = ∅ 16,5 mm

Ringsize 53 = ∅ 16,8 mm

Ringsize 54 = ∅ 17,2 mm

Ringsize 55 = ∅ 17,5 mm

Ringsize 56 = ∅ 17,8 mm

Ringsize 57 = ∅ 18,1 mm

Ringsize 58 = ∅ 18,5 mm

Ringsize 59 = ∅ 18,8 mm

Ringsize 60 = ∅ 19,1 mm

If you ´re not sure, don´t hesitate to write an Email.

Care instructions

The jewellery is designed to be worn! It should be a part of your life. Each piece of jewellery changes with the wearing and develops its own patina. So that you enjoy your jewellery for a long time, you should take note of a few tips:

  • Always treat your jewellery with care. It is precious.
  • Some pieces of jewellery made of 925 sterling silver (925 silver) are finally treated superficially; either blackened or gold plated. This surface treatment/plating can wear and fade due to frequent wearing. In most cases this happens to rings because they are exposed to increased abrasion. You can always refresh a plating.
  • Remove your jewellery before washing your hands or applying cosmetics. Particles may accumulate in hard-to-reach places and corrode the metal over time. Repeated contact with detergents and pesticides can also be harmful.
  • For safety reasons, you should avoid using jewellery when doing manual work. In addition to the risk of injury, the risk of dents and quirks is very high. This also includes visits to beaches, swimming pools and sports.
  • Direct and concentrated sunlight, high humidity and temperature fluctuations can have a negative effect on the piece of jewellery, stones and pearls.