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    Size guide

    You don`t know your ring size?

    We are happy to help you: the best thing is to have your ring size determined by an expert. You are welcome to make an appointment for this in our studio in Stuttgart. However, if you can’t be there, you can also go to a goldsmith’s near you or to a jeweller.

    With the help of this table, you can determine your individual ring size yourself, but it requires accurate measurements:


    Ringsize 49 = ∅ 15,6 mm (Inner diameter)

    Ringsize 50 = ∅ 15,9 mm

    Ringsize 51 = ∅ 16,2 mm

    Ringsize 52 = ∅ 16,5 mm

    Ringsize 53 = ∅ 16,8 mm

    Ringsize 54 = ∅ 17,2 mm

    Ringsize 55 = ∅ 17,5 mm

    Ringsize 56 = ∅ 17,8 mm

    Ringsize 57 = ∅ 18,1 mm

    Ringsize 58 = ∅ 18,5 mm

    Ringsize 59 = ∅ 18,8 mm

    Ringsize 60 = ∅ 19,1 mm

    If you ´re not sure, don´t hesitate to write an Email.

    Care instructions

    Each piece of jewelry changes with wearing and develops its own patina. To ensure that you can enjoy your jewelry for a long time, you should follow a few tips

    • Always treat your jewelry carefully. If you do not wear it, store it separately to avoid knocks and scratches. It is best to keep chains closed and flattened so that no knots form.
    • When wearing, please note: Avoid handicraft work. Besides the risk of injury, the risk of dents and quirks is very high. This also applies to beach or swimming pool visits and sports.
    • Most pieces of jewellery can be easily cleaned with lukewarm soapy water (ph-neutral): dip them in water for a few minutes and brush them off carefully with a soft toothbrush. Then rinse with clear water and dry carefully.
    • Avoid contact with cosmetics and aggressive cleaning agents. Any substances contained in them can have a corrosive effect on the metal.
    • Jewelry made of vermeil is made of 925 sterling silver (silver 925) and are plated with a gold plating, either 18kt or fine gold. This plating is very resistant to oxidation and compared to silver jewelry also more resistant to friction, knocks and scratches. It can nevertheless wear out due to permanent abrasion.

    If your jewelry gets scratched or tarnished over time, we can always polish it up again and refresh a gold plating.