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    Welcome to Earth

    Jewelry Medal

    MOTHERHOOD is one of the biggest changes and challenges we go through in life. Motherhood is tough, tiring and hard. Motherhood is beautiful, incredible and full of love. And then it’s everything in between.

    ANNA AURAS presents her new jewelry medal “Welcome on Earth”.
    Inspired by the first ancient coins, each medal is minted by hand. It shows the fine relief of our world, with which every life and every single one of us is inevitably connected.

    The medal is made in gold and silver and is turned into jewelry as a pendant or ring.
    Dive into a collection so meaningful and timeless.

    “Welcome on Earth” is more than a jewelry. It is a tribute to every new life that comes on earth. To all mothers and their children.

    Please feel free to visit us in our studio in Stuttgart Feuerbach for a personal appointment.

    Prizes on demand.