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    One-of-a-kind series

    The new jewellery pieces of the ATELIER COLLECTION are the prelude to a timeless and non-seasonal unique series.
    This focuses on the uniqueness of natural gemstones and highlights their play of colour and light through a simple, clear design language.
    Inspired by Bauhaus design and functional shaping, the jewellery pieces captivate with technically refined settings.
    The special nature of gemstones and their ecological and social aspects is emphasised by the selection of
    natural and fairly traded stones. Anna Auras obtains the stones used from stone dealers who know and can guarantee their origin.


    As an atelier with a focus on transparency and sustainability, Anna Auras aims to create timeless and durable jewellery of the highest quality craftsmanship.
    All jewellery is handcrafted and made from recycled and certified precious metals.